video: lecture Veronika Valk

“Did you know that in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, half of the local population suffers from SAD: seasonally adjusted disorder? On top of this, as a part of the former Soviet Empire, for many years Estonia was denied access to its own waterfront. Urban designer Veronika Valk is trying to address both of these issues. She is Estonia’s most inspiring and surprising young architect. Her ideas are turning not only the world of architecture around but also the mood of her country. Now, the locals are trying to reclaim the grim, military waterfront constructions as public places of light, life and culture. Veronika Valk sees it as her job to lighten the Estonian psyche and she’s come up with some of the most unusual and playful ideas for getting Estonians to come out of the gloom. One of her ideas is the ‘Seeds in the Shoes’ project. Not the sort of thing you’d expect from an architect and, as Lyn Gallacher found out, it’s an idea like many of Veronika’s projects that’s startling in it’s simplicity and whimsy.”

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